How To Choose a Webroot Antivirus Product?

Webroot Antivirus Product

How To Choose a Webroot Antivirus Product?

With an extensive list of Webroot Antivirus Product, it becomes difficult for users to make an appropriate selection. Every user has a different computing environment, budget, security requirements etc.  Therefore, it becomes very important to choose correctly. 

Things To Consider While Selecting  Webroot 

  1. Protection Coverage
  2. Compatibility
  3. Multiple Device Protection
  4. Protection For Mobile Devices
  5. Password Management
  6. Data Backup
  7. Additional Features
  8. Price

Choose Webroot Antivirus Product

The above set of factors will assist you in determining the best suited Webroot Antivirus Product. Along with that, the official website of Webroot Antivirus makes the entire selection process extremely simple and quick.

Compare Products

  1. Begin the selection process by accessing an available Internet Browser on your Computer. To name a few, you may have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc. 
  2. Now, bring up its official website by using the URL “”. 
  3. On the upper panel of this website, you will find a few tabs like “For Home”, “For Business” etc. 
  4. Depending upon the purpose of this purchase, select either “For Home” or “For Business”.
  5. As a result, its Menu box will be expanded. Here, you will find various options. 
  6. Beneath the “Get Started” section, click on “Compare Products”.
  7. With this, it will lead you to its Product Comparison window. This webpage gives a comparative overview of the various Webroot Antivirus Products available for purchase. In other words, it will display the Features, Performance and Reviews of these products.
  8. As such, get a clear understanding of the available products.
  9. Based on this understanding, you should make the best possible choice. To put it differently, choose the option that offers best value for money while serving your security requirements.

Help Me Choose

Apart from comparing the available products on the official website, it offers another alternative. On its official website, you can select the “Help Me Choose” option. It will facilitate you in making a selection. For this, it will give you a set of questions to judge your requirement. Based on that, it will suggest the most appropriate Webroot Antivirus Product.

  1. First of all, launch a Web Browser.
  2. Then, go to “”.
  3. Now, go to the upper section of the following window. Select “For Home” or “For Business” depending upon the scope of usage. 
  4. As a result, this will expand its Menu box. 
  5. Here, you should look for the “Get Started” section. Then, click on “Help Me Choose”.
  6. Consequently, the following window will bring up an Online Form.
  7.  Hence, properly answer the questions to assist you in determining the best possible product choice. It will ask you the following questions.
    1. How many devices do you want to protect?
    2. Do you want to protect tablets and smartphones?
    3. Do you want to protect and simplify managing passwords?
    4. Do you want to keep important files and photos safe from system crashes?
    5. Do you want to erase all traces on online activity and make deleted files unrecoverable?
  8. As a result, it will suggest the most appropriate Webroot Product.
  9. On the next window, you will get the link for purchasing the selected product along with its cost.
  10. As such, proceed to make the choice.

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