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Webroot Login

Webroot Login is the key to access the holistic one-stop web-based management console. This free of cost online platform is a user-friendly hub that facilitates the management of your purchased products, subscriptions, services and protected devices. In other words, it simplifies the operations of its state-of-the-art security solutions.  As a result, it ensures unmatched user experience.

Webroot Login

Access Your Account With Webroot Login

In order to access its user-centric management hub, you must perform the hassle-free process of Webroot Login. The process is quick and simple. Yet, users may fail to execute properly. Hence, the process is explained below with step-by-step instructions. Hence, follow the same accurately to avoid Webroot Login Failure. 

Essential Requirements For Executing The Process

Although, the process is simple. Yet, if you do not fulfill certain essential requirements. Then, the process may fail. Hence, make sure that you procure them before moving ahead for the process. 

Uninterrupted Internet Connection

To begin with, you will need a high-speed Internet Connection that is uninterrupted. In other words, it is very important for the completion of this process. As such, procure a stable Connection, preferably a Broadband for performing the Webroot Login process. 

User Account

Along with the Network Connection, it is essential to have a User Account for Webroot Login. As such, make sure to establish your Account beforehand. In order to perform this simple process, go to  “”. Now, move to its Account Creation window. On the following window, enter your Profile Details and click “Create Account”. Thereafter, follow on-screen instructions to conclude the process. 

Accurate User Credentials

When you create a User Account, it seeks a working Email Address. This Email Address is used as a Username to allow access to your Account. Along with that, it requires you to set a strong and unique Password. Both of them are essential for Webroot Login. Hence, make sure you always have the correct User Credentials. 

Steps To Follow The Process

  1. To begin with, launch an Internet Browser of your choice. For example, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome etc. 
  2. Now, go to Webroot’s official website i.e. “”. 
  3. If you look at the very top of this webpage, you will find a long Black Band. Here, it displays various tabs to access different pages of this website. Among them, you will also find “My Account”. Now, click on it to proceed further. 
  4. The next window provides you the link to access its Account Creation window. However, in order to access an existing Account, select the “Log In” section. 
  5. Thereafter, enter your Email Address or Phone correctly. In other words, provide the one with which you created your User Account. Besides, type it in in lower-case. Also, make sure it is without unwanted spaces. 
  6. Apart from that, type in the associated “Password”. 
  7. In addition to that, it has links for “Website Terms of Service”, “Privacy Statement”, and “License Agreement”. Hence, click on it one-by-one. Then, read the terms attentively. 
  8. Finally, click ‘Login” for performing the Webroot Login process. 
  9. When the following window prompts you to give two letters of your “Security Code”. Then, provide it correctly. 
  10. Thereafter, click “Next”.

Webroot Login Failure

Although, the process is extremely easy to perform. Yet, users often experience difficulty in accessing their Accounts. Most of the time, it is because of using Incorrect User Credentials. Along with that, another reason responsible for this problem is Connectivity Issues. While, these are the most common causes behind the problem. But, this problem  may also arise on account of Issues with Browser, OS, Webroot’s Server etc. 

Since, there are multiple reasons that lead to this trouble. Hence, the very first thing to do is to identify the actual cause responsible for this problem. Once you have identified the same, you will have to immediately fix it. 

For instance, if you have lost your “Password”. Then, simply reset the same. This can be done easily by going to its official website i.e. “”. On its “Sign In” webpage, you will find the link to access its Password Reset window. Finally, reset it by following on-screen instructions. However, if the problem is with the Network Connection. Then, restore the Network. Similarly, if the problem is with the Browser, OS, or Webroot’s Server. Then, get rid of the specific issue.